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Raven vs. Crossbreed vs. Comp-Tac

I'm looking for a good holster for my Glock 19.

I've looked at tons, and am thinking one of these:
  • Raven Concealment Phantom
  • Comp-Tac Minotaur
  • Crossbreed Supertuck

One thing I liked about the Minotaur is that you can tuck your shirt around the gun...not sure how much I'd really do that though. I do like the fact that I could switch out the kydex if I get a different gun...someday when the Glock Gen 7s come out it might be an useful I guess.

Thoughts? I like the Raven because everyone raves about them, and the Minotaur based on what I've seen in Youtube reviews and its flexibility (ability to self-customized cant, etc.)

Minotaur review:
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