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Okay, maybe not undergunned, but the LEO in question would be stuck with five to seven rounds, an average semi-auto double stack hold anywhere from twelve to eighteen, that more than double. The LEO would be reloading while the BG is still shooting, or reloading at a faster pace, in theory. And LEO's, based on statistics I have seen on TFL, aren't the best at hitting things.
You can not use statistics to give you a true picture of what is going on in a LE gunfight. Most cops are not shooters, those that are, are pretty good and generally do not miss much. Most people here are shooters, but I would guess if they suddenly found themselves the victim of a violent assault may miss a touch too.

Oh, at Nanuk, I sensed a hint of condescension when you said, 'than again, I train with my guns'. You realize I am a thirteen year old who just happens to really, really like guns, right?
Not condescending at all, just saying that I am good with my guns. I have trained enough, shot enough and been in enough tight spots to know how I am going to react. With my last duty gun alone I shot 15,000 rounds. I have over 30 years of LE/Military training and experience to back up what I have to say.
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