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shamelessinct's post reminded me of a incident several years ago. Right after first light on opening day I had a small basket 6 pointer walk by with three does. Since I had gotten a nice buck with a bow and it was opening morning, even tho it was on public land, I let it walk. They hadn't hardly disappeared into the distance when I heard shots ringin' out and a few minutes later the buck comes limpin' back. It comes below my tree and licks it's front leg that is obviously broken just above the knee. I didn't want the buck for myself, but figured I help the shooter out and put him down. A quick shot to the neck and it was over. Thinkin' the shooter would be over soon, I stayed in my tree and waited for a buck of my own. Three hours later I got down and dressed the buck out. It was warming up and the deer needed to be taken care of. Wisconsin law says a deer must be legally tagged before field dressing or moving a deer. Reluctantly, I tagged the buck with my tag, dressed it out and proceeded to drag the deer the quarter mile across the swamp to my truck. Halfway across the swamp I hear shouting and see three men waving their arms at me. One of them starts walking towards me so I walk a ways away from the deer and wait. When the guy got close enough, I recognized him as someone I knew. He walks up and says "You stole my kids buck! He knew he made a good shot but didn't want to risk pushin' that monster to someone else so he waited till I came to help! Didn't think we had to worry about you stealin' it out from underneath us!". I told him first that his kids shot wasn't close to being fatal, but even so, I had just shot it thru the neck to save him a day's trackin' and frustration. I said the bullet holes would confirm my story. I then told him after three hours I figured no one was comin' for it and I wanted to take care of it before it went bad. From there I told him I wasn't about to take my tag off the deer and waste it, but his son was welcome to the horns, but if they wanted the meat too, if they called a warden and got me another tag, I would be more than happy to let them have the deer and drag it the rest of the way out. By then the son and the uncle got there and started the name callin'. After a few minutes of tellin' me how worthless I was for stealin' a deer of a lifetime, they asked where their monster was so they could admire it. I told them I'd show them the deer I was draggin' and if it was a deer of a lifetime and had been hit well with the first shot they were more than welcome to it as long as I got another tag outta it. To this day, the son has never spoken another word of the incident to me or any one else I know..........
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