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Finally Bought My First Handgun - Ruger SR9

Well, it isn't officially mine as I have it in layaway, but soon it will be all mine.

I had a very difficult time trying to decide what I wanted in just about every aspect, from caliber, to brand, to size and everything in between. But after a lot of research online, in shops and talking to friends who have handguns, I kept coming back to the Ruger SR9

So today I walk into a gun store/indoor range and as I am looking at their selection, my eyes immediately see a Ruger SR9. In this particular gun case, it was the only gun that had a stainless slide, every other gun was pure black. So it shined right in my eye.

I held it and loved how it felt my hand and how balanced it felt. He then handed me the SRc and I liked how it felt, but not as much as the SC9. After some small talk he asked me how interested I was and I informed him I was interested, but not married to it. He then informed me the gun was used, but in mint condition - I had no idea it was used, it looked perfect to me.

As I started checking the other guns he says "Earlier you told me you were leaning hard towards the Ruger SR9, so has something changed your mind to make you look at the other guns?" I told him that since it was used, I just wanted to see what else he had to offer because I was nervous about buying a used gun as my first gun.

He took the time to explain his policy on used guns and that he would give me free range time to help me feel more comfortable if I decided to buy it. I asked him if the price was negotiable and he told me to shoot him a price and then I would know.... I said I'd give him $355 and he said SOLD!

I think I got a very good deal and I hope I am happy with my decision.

Thanks to all the shooters here who have helped me along this path. I do appreciate all your tips and knowledge.
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