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Vermonter, try a "fighting" type call and some decoys
This has been very successful for me in the past.

I set up 5 dekes on the edge of a large (180 acre) wheat field, with trees on 3 sides, and the birds (about 100 or so, mostly jakes and jennies supervised by about a dozen old hens) were loafing in the middle of it. In the chilly still afternoon air, their calls were carrying across the field clear as a bell, so I know they could hear my yelps..... sometimes a few would start my way, but then one of the older hens would herd them back to the middle of the field..... some of the jakes would start fighting, raising a pretty good racket, and when they did, all the other young birds would rush over to watch, and then beat the tar out of the loser of any fight, until one of the boss hens broke it up..... it reminded me of a middle school playground when the teachers had lost control..... so I started imitating the fighting birds. Bingo! We had about 5 dozen young birds comming on a dead run, with 2-3 hens trying in vain to herd them away from us...... they got within 30 yards and we let 'em have it.
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