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It's about helping answer the OPs question. He stated that he had around $100 to spend, and was offered some optics at 4x that price.
If he needed a car to get him to work and back, an ocassional weekend road trip and had $6000 to spend; would you tell him to save up and buy a Humvee?

It just seems to be a prevalent theme when someone is looking for something "good enough" Yes, sometimes saving a few more bills is the best route. But for many of us, finding another $100 is all but impossible. And spending several times our budget is out of the question.

Am I knocking the Aimpoints/EOTechs/Trijicons? No, I love the Trijicon on my M1A
Is my PA M3 clone on my DR200 the best optic out there? No, but it has stood up to alot of abuse and performed well. I don't need to trust my life to it, and at ~$100, if it breaks I can buy another 3 for the price of the Aimpoint Pro.
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