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The above link shows a ballistic shield with a clear ballistic window, here is where a laser sight really comes into its own, you can look through the ballistic window while keeping your head and body behind the cover of the ballistic shield with only your hand holding the handgun exposed, with iron sights or a red dot or a scope since your head is not behind the handgun they are useless and you have to point shoot in this situation, with a red dot laser you can be on target while allmost totally protected.

Another situation where a red dot laser would shine is where for some reason you cannot get your head behind the handgun to use the iron sights or red dot scope or regular scope lets say you are disabled or injured or in a car accident, if you can see the target instead of point shooting you can now engage the target with the red dot laser.

I point out above that if someone shoots at the red dot laser on your gun or the flashlight on your gun you could suffer a headshot, however using a flashlight on your pistol to identify and illuminate the target while using the red dot laser on your handgun to accurately engage the target means you can keep the handgun away from your head and body saving them from incoming rounds.

I point out in one of my other posts that the red dot of the laser on walls or ceiling or floor or furniture would give your position away, I suppose you could train to not grip the handgun tightly enough for the red dot to engage and project until you are ready to shoot. It would be nice to have a flashlight and red dot laser light where one button controlled both,,, blinking them on and off at the same time.

The red dot laser will help if you have trouble with iron sights due to eye problems and even if you have eagle eyes if the red dot you feel gives you an edge and confidence then by all means use it, in a defensive situation you need confidence in yourself and your abilities and your hardware.

Lastly I have three Crimson Trace Laser grips, they are a solid company and the product is solid, mine work well, were easy to install and sight in and have held zero.

Bottom line you have to weigh the pros and cons yourself, and no matter what anyone thinks including myself, if you are happy with your decision to use red dot laser sights or to not use red dot laser sights, that is all that really matters.
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