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The answer to the OP remains, use the rifle that you shoot best. If you can put them all on a pie plate with the AK, but not the Mosin, use the AK. If you shoot both the same, I would use the Mosin.
Today 12:48 PM
Yea, I'll be taking the two rifles to the range to shoot hopefully next Wednesday by the latest (depends on when the ammo arrives and I can get out of school and work). Although I am almost certain I will be taking the Mosin.

I noticed that the more I shot the Mosin the worse the grouping got. I'm going to shoot one shot, wait 5 minutes, take the second, wait 5 minutes, and then shoot the third (my range does 15 minute intervals before going out to check the target). If with the hunting ammo, I'm getting good results then the Mosin will be taken for sure. I suspect the barrel heating up is drastically is effecting the accuracy. Realistically, I'm going to fire one shot, maybe two on the hunt (if any) so as long as the cold barrel is giving me accurate shots I'll feel comfortable. As Jimbo86 stated, I do not want to wound the animal and then have to track it.

I'll bring this up because no one else has yet...

Where we live, there is a 5 round limit on mag capacity for hunting (public lands). I bought a 5 round AK mag just for that purpose...

IOW, be sure to check your local regs, first...
I will be hunting on private land (I know that does not exempt me from following the laws of that state) but I don't believe I'll have to deal with any sort of supervision. Also, I wouldn't load more than five if I took the AK. There would literally be no point.
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