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Yes the days of $79 E.Ger Maks,$79 Hakims and FN-49s,$79 303 Brits,it's funny how everything was $79,those days are gone.Weapons that had been in storage since 1945,ammunition for weapons that hadn't been carried in 60 years.
Parts kits for Mp40's,Mp41's,Lancaster's,Stens,Brens,Cz24's,1919's,and other exotic gear that everyone was making semi-auto kits.
At some point the barrel is emptied,even 100 million Mosins dry up,and the warehouses in east Krapistan, store bright new rifles and munitions,instead of 8mm mausers,and 1911 Steyr-Hahns that sat there for decades.
After the recent hostilities are over we may see some cheap 5.56,or 7.62,but nothing like the days of yore.
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