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Bersa BP9 CC

I had been wanting to purchase a Smith & Wesson Shield 9 mil for awhile, but couldn't find one.

Instead I recently purchased a Bersa BP9 CC (concealed carry). I bought it at Academy Sports for $ 374.

The Shield was priced for $399, but Academy never had any of them.

I really like the Bersa BP9, this is an excellent quality firearm. It is about the same size and style as the Shield, even a hair thinner (single stack). It weighs 21.5 oz, 2 oz more than the Shield. There is no external safety, and has an ambidextrous magazine release. It comes with two clips and a plastic case. It will hold 8+1.

The trigger is fantastic, about 3.9 lbs. I just put 200 rounds through it without a hiccup.

If you are looking for an excellent quality CC weapon, this is it. Comes in 9 and 40 mil. This is not the Bersa Thunder, but a newer Bersa that was released for sale in the US within the last couple years.
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