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Found Perfect PPQ Night sight set that DOESNT change POI. Here is what you want.

After testing the Meprolight ML-18800 for the P99. I found the POI was low by about 2". I tried many different rounds and my specific control rounds. All printed low compared to the factory plastic sights. I then ordered a set of Meprolight ML-18801 for the P99 Compact. It was noticeable the front sight was a tad bit lower than the previous ML-18800 set but the rear sight measured the same. This IS the winning combination for the PPQ. Point of impact with the ML-18801 raised up to a perfect combination of sight picture 2 and sight picture 3 (closer to sight pic 2). They printed slightly (1/4" higher) at 7 yards than the stock plastic sights. I like the POI better than the stock plastic sights. Installation was easy and covered on the forum. I highly recommend getting the $15 installation tool. The front sight screw is in a much smaller working space than any Glock or gun I have ever worked on and the Hex Nut tool way simplified this instal over using my Craftman driver.

So to recap the Meprolight sights you need to order for the PPQ is ML-18801 for the Compact P99. I guarantee this is the correct sight for our PPQ since I tested both sets of Meprolight sights on the same PPQ gun.

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