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removal of the scope base also allowed an A3 style handguard ring to fit to the receiver and allowed for mounting of an A3 stock that I had laying around.

finally the barrel face that was covered by the front sight base after 400 grit sandpaper and 0000 buffing + cold bluing.

so far this rifle has come together quite nicely with the exception of the bolt inletting. it came out quite sloppily(by my standards) to try and accommodate the home gunsmith bent bolt. far from my finest work but other than that I am just waiting on the new scope mount and it'll be done(the owner intends to get a new scope down the road).
it won't be a perfect A4-gery but it's still a valiant effort if I do say so myself.

also, I don't know if it happened while in my possession or not but the ejector is not being held in by anything. are these retained by a screw or a roll pin? roll pin is an easy fix, screw mean another week turn around at Numrich.
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