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progress thus far.

alright a brief description of the fitting process:
the butt plate was seriously rusted from being covered by a wrap around limbsaver pad

150 grit sandpaper to remove a large portion of the surface rust, moved up to 400 grit for finish and 0000 steel wool prior to cold bluing returned the butt pad to a semi cared for yet still used appearance.

I didn't have the proper allen wrench to remove the scope mount so a quick trip to ACE hardware was necessary. upon removal of the scope base there was a bit of rust and what appeared to be more JB weld. as well as numerous drill+ locations both open and filled with solder.

0000 steel wool and cold bluing solution solved much of the rust and made much of the writing legible.

readable markings are springfield armory, (model 1903 has numerous holes drilled through it so unless you know what you're looking for it's illegible) MARK I and serial number.
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