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$350 would be a great price of an Inglis.

IIRC two workers for FN in Belgium got out of the country with a set of High Power engineering drawings not far ahead of the Germans.

They got to France, and from there to England, where they turned the drawings over to the British.

Britain didn't have any companies capable of putting the design into production, so they shipped them off to Canada to Inglis, who tooled up and produced something like half a million during the war.

Quite a few of the ones that they made had the tangent sight and the stock and were actually destined for China. Most of them went to the Chinese, but once that contract was completed Inglis made the guns for the Canadian army and also for British paratroop and special forces.

They were easily the most popular handgun in British service and apparently it was not at all uncommon later in the war to find British soldiers and officers carrying Hi Powers that had been made at FN by the Germans.
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