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Diameter of the carbide ring in MY Lee FCD, measures .470, this was checked at various places around the ring.

Diameter of MY cast bullets, both 190 gr. Lee semi wad cutter and 228 gr Lee round nose sized to .452. Measurement .452 at various points around the bullet.

Checked a random sample of cases for the case thickness near the mouth. These were from various manufactures. Ran from .007 to .011. Most measured .009, with .010 coming in second.

What does this prove? Any case with a thickness over .009 thickness is going to post size a lead bullet using the Lee FCD that I own and using cast bullets that I size to .452. That folks is a fact.
Wow, .470" is incredibly tight. No wonder you have no use for it with lead or even jacketed.

My FCD is just under .4715" and I consider mine to be on the tight side. I am planning to polish mine out to somewhere between .472"-.4725".

I think one of the reasons these FCD threads go on so long is Lee doesnt hold the tolerance on the ring anywhere near as tightly as they should. Someone with a .472+ FCD is using an entirely different tool than the one jcwit owns.
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