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While it is cool to watch videos of professional military or law enforcement teams breaking down doors and clearing rooms with flashlights and lasers all over the place, they are paid professionals doing their jobs, I am a civilian now and I do not have a Kevlar helmet or a bulletproof vest, a radio to call for additional backup or medical services, and three or four buddies or at least one buddy acting as my slack man as backup as I take the point position.

As a civilian it is extremely important to me not only to avoid trouble but also to avoid detection,,,a laser red or green dot bouncing off the walls or ceiling or floor or furniture just does’nt cut it.
I will be doing none of this with my carry gun, there is only one reason I will pull out my carry gun, if I fully intend to fire it. If there are doors that need breaking down and rooms that need clearing a carry piece would not be a good choice. We have strayed way off from the topic of this thread so I guess I'm done here.
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