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Skadoosh said:
MLeake wrote: Some normally reasonable members are sounding like brand fanboys in this thread...

Interesting you would say this...especially when earlier in the thread you wrote:

Once you find a make or two that work consistently, with the ammo you intend to use, then buy a bunch of those.
and Rick B said:
Hmmm. So, Wilsons either work every time, in every gun . . . or, they don't. Sounds like every other mag! I have one Wilson mag that's been loaded almost continuously for twenty years. It works great for that.
In response to Skadoosh, there is a big difference between saying experiment to find out what works for your gun and ammo combo, then buy a lot of those, and BUY WILSON, END OF STORY!!! If you can't discern that difference, I don't know what to tell you.

In response to Rick B, I am not knocking Wilson, per se. Like I said, 47D and ETM worked just fine in my old CBOB. They just didn't work in my Colt or my Baer; I never tried them in my Hunter. When a buddy of mine bought the CBOB, I threw in a box full of Wilsons, free, since I had no other gun in which they worked, but I knew they worked well in the CBOB. (Note: I find it really ironic the Wilson's did not work well in my Baer, because Baers ship with Wilson mags... My Baer loves Tripp Cobras, and CMC Shooting Stars and PowerMags... all my guns like the USGI for hardball.)
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