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Kydex, polymer, 1911a1 holsters....

If you are right handed & plan to open carry the compact 1911a1 model, I'd select a well made polymer or Kydex holster with at least a level II security system.
Good brands to check into include; .
The Safariland SFS or ALS rig could do well. A Blackhawk SERPA CQC is fast & secure. Some armed professionals & LE officers knock the SERPAs saying they can break or jam with dirt/crud/sand etc.
I own a M&P SERPA rig and haven't had any issues yet. I honestly would not wear the holster in bad weather or hard use environments either.
For standard leather, many gun owners like horsehide. It costs more but will last for years with proper care. Greg Kramer is well known for horsehide. Other good holsters include Bulman, Mernickle, El Paso Saddlery & Ted Blocker.

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