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The difference between a red dot sight, such as my Aimpoints and Ultradot and a laser sight such as my Crimson Trace Laser grips is substantial. Any laser sight projects a laser beam onto the target with a red or green dot aiming point on the target which is necessary for accurate shooting,,,but also lets anyone know who can also see the red dot on the target that you are there. If they can also see the illuminated red dot on the grips of your handgun and your head is immediately behind the handgun, just like a flashlight mounted on a handgun if they fire at the laser or the light, you might lose your marbles.

On a red dot scope or a regular scope with an illuminated reticle, nothing is projected outside of the scope itself and onto the target. I have taken red dot scopes and regular scopes with an illuminated reticle into a darkened room, and making sure the rifle or handgun was unloaded, looked at them from the muzzle end of the handgun or rifle…According to the owner’s manuel this is safe to do and will not harm your eyes as opposed to a laser which will harm your eyes. I can adjust the red dot sight or the illuminated reticle on a regular scope down to the point that I can easily see it through the scope but from the muzzle end of the pistol or the rifle I cannot see it,,,there is no red dot or red glow or red halo to increase your signature or give your position away. That is important to me.

While it is cool to watch videos of professional military or law enforcement teams breaking down doors and clearing rooms with flashlights and lasers all over the place, they are paid professionals doing their jobs, I am a civilian now and I do not have a Kevlar helmet or a bulletproof vest, a radio to call for additional backup or medical services, and three or four buddies or at least one buddy acting as my slack man as backup as I take the point position.

As a civilian it is extremely important to me not only to avoid trouble but also to avoid detection,,,a laser red or green dot bouncing off the walls or ceiling or floor or furniture just does’nt cut it.

And as many low light situations unfortunately require the use of white light for proper target identification, so you don't kill a friendly, once you use the white light or flashlight the use of a laser red dot or irons with the additional light, becomes pretty much equal.
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