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Re comparing ....

Out of an AK, they are similar in the same sense that a .38 special +p is ballistically similar to a .357 magnum..... the same, only less

NOT the same comparison. you are still well over 1000 foot lbs, and you can use a soft point spitzer..
Hot .38 special+p runs around 400 ft/lbs ME (Buffalo Bore makes hotter yet)

.357 Magnum can do 550, without pushing it.

How fast are 123 gr soft points going out of an AK? 2200? 1300ft/lbs or so ME*.....

30/30 standard loading is 150gr at 2300 ..... 1760 ft/lbs....

400/550= .72ish call it 70%

1320/1760= .75ish .......

So the comparison is valid.....

*That's MUZZLE energy..... by 100 yards, that stumpy little bullet is packing under 1000 ft/lbs, and falling fast.

On the other hand if your skills are limited I would be scared to use one like jimbo seems to be, I would go with the Mosin Nagant which Is a full size load which would be slightly superior to the o6.

I'm fine with my skills, and my ethics- I'll use the best tool that I have available for the job......
TheGolden Rule of Tool Use: "If you don't know what you are doing, DON'T."

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