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Unusual Canadian Hi Power?

Disclaimer: I don't know much about Hi Powers.

Yesterday I came across an interesting gun. On left side it was marked:

Browning FN 9mm H.P. Inglis, Canada

Serial number 1T461x

The pistol was really beaten up in terms of finish, but the trigger was surprisingly nice. Half the take up of other Hi Powers I've handled (only 3 or 4). Nice clean break. Magazine disconnect still in place.

1911 Commander-style ring hammer

Place for a lanyard on one side.

The weirdest thing was the extractor. It appeared to go through a tunnel in the slide like a 1911. Could see the end of it at the end of the slide. There was what looked like an oval removable panel on the right hand side of the slide in the area with the cocking serrations.

The store was asking $350 for it. The barrel didn't look great but it wasn't really clean either.

Anybody know more about this pistol?

(also asked on in case you visit there as well)

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