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For me, the laser comes on when I squeeze the gun. In a well lit room, I can put the laser on target quicker than I can the iron sights of my LCP. In a dimly lit room, the laser is much, much faster. Right now with the overcast outside the laser is still faster than my iron sights on trees in the yard (but not by much). On a sunny day outside, I'd have to see iron sights would be probably be as good or better for me.

With the laser on the pistol (or rifle) the dot must physically strike your target to appear. If your point shooting skills are such that the laser dot strikes the target every time you raise your weapon, you have no need for a sight anyway!
I respectfully disagree. I feel like there is a big difference between getting a shot on the paper (hitting a BG in the arm) and putting one center mass.

In the real world, you'll find that many times your dot will not appear on the target and you must sweep your weapon around until it does. You will not initially know which way to sweep your weapon to get the dot on target and 50% of the time you will go the wrong way, making for a very slow shot.
True enough in a desert or on the plains. We don't have much of that here on the east coast. Especially in places where violence is more likely, I will almost always be able to see my dot. Of course the iron sights are back-up, but it takes me longer to acquire them anyway than the laser dot anyway.

Curiously enough, I've tried a red dot sight on one of my pistols. I prefer iron to the red dot. However, that pistol has nice big block sights, and they actually point to where the gun shoots -- which is different from my LCP.
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