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scope base for yugo 24/47

I have a yugo 24/47 action that I acquired and am going to build into a sporter. A couple of questions though.

1 What scope base do you recommend for this action, 1 or 2 piece? It does have the clip hump, and I think I would prefer the 1 piece for the extra strength, but I am open to suggestions.

2 I see several recommendations for the Redfield and Leupold one piece bases for 98 actions. Will a one piece for a 98 fit this action since it is considered an intermediate action and is shorter than a 98 action?

3 Do you recommend milling down the clip hump to make the scope base mounts more uniform or purchasing mounts that work around the hump?

Sorry for all the questions but I am still in the planning stages of this project and want to search out all the options prior to starting.
Thanks in advance
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