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haven't got a dollar in my pocket, but I bought 8 more paneling boards, & can now finish the whole corner ammo bench... it should be finished by day's end, except for foam & seat cover... I have a display board I'm doing for my pocket & wrist watch collection, thinking royal blue or deep red fabric ( satin, minki, or velvet ) cover over plywood, then brass hooks to hang everything... waiting on MRS to get me the fabric... once I decide / get that fabric, I'll do matching vinyl on the bench cushions...

I'm at the point of getting ready to starting to apply a finish to the paneling... right now I'm thinking water based clear urethane ( less smell... spray painting ( white ) the exposed parts of the I beams about killed me with the smell & fumes, as I won't have all the exhaust / air inlets functioning till next spring )... but I'm open for suggestions on finish, as long as it's both very clear, & low odor... thinking semi gloss in the water based urethane... that stuff is right around $50.00 a gallon, but will look nice, won't add any color to my natural looking wood... sounds like it's not quite as durabile as oil based, but less smell, & easier clean up... once the walls are finished as far as I've gotten, I can look at starting to hang my 1st guns...

where I've gotten to with the paneling, is to the edge of my loading bench area, so I can get several guns hung up, without adding any more wood... I do have to finish paneling this wall & around the next corner 30" or so, so I can start my loading bench... thinking good solid wood, with a stainless steel bench top... I have 6 outlets around the bench, 3 above, & 3 below... the dehumidifier & the sump pump, are both under where the bench will be...

any problems you guys could think of using the water based urethane ???
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