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Silencers and accuracy.

Went to the range today after was seemed ot have been ages.

Only the 50m range was free so I settled down to shoot the CZ 452.

I prefer to shoot with my silencer on (it is made by the club owner). Two reasons: kinder on the ears and when we have club competitions, they usually shoot with silencers.

So this time:
Snowing, chilly, (-1, -2 Celsius), very mild breeze. I put a target up, had some shots. Nothing. No hits on a 100 yard target sheet. Removed the slincer and I went to 1.5 to 2 MOA groups almost bang on my point of aim (no, I am not very good with a rifle yet...)

However, about 5 weeks ago, I was on the 100 yard range and I was also using the silencer. That time there was no discernable affect on accuracy.

Both times the silencer was screwed on correctly, and as far as I could tell, the disassembly cap was also screwed in properly. It has also worked perfectly well on my MkIII

So, what went wrong this time?
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