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A Springfield 1911 is not high end. A Les Baer 1911 is high end
I'd say a Springfield TRP is a high-end gun for mere mortals. A Les Baer/Wilson Combat is on another planet. I've just never seen what the extra $2000 gets you for a true snob-riffic gun, but they sure are nice to play with. But the only thing I'd drop more than $3k for is a machine-gun and that barely gets you a MAC-10 nowadays.

One of the men I hunt with has a Hi-Point 45 and swears by it
I've shot Hi-Points too and though they're ugly as hell and the ergonomics are terrible, I've actually found them reliable and having good practical accuracy. But to me Hi-Points are the equivilant of Boones Farm wine to continue our wine analogy and that's a line I just won't cross.
"Our contract called for 16 cases of rifles and ammunition for $10,000 dollars, not a machine gun...........That is our present to the General"-Pike Bishop

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