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Fall Gobblers What Am I Doing Wrong

I am hunting Vermont for fall Gobblers. I have a flock behind the house that I have been seeing on and off all summer. 3 days a week or better coming home from work I would see them in the feild directly behind the house.

They nest on the ridge directly above the feild and feed their way to the center and back. So when bow season came in for birds I figured I would give them a try. Took the box call out and sat one evening after work. Within a half hour I had three at 40 yards but no closer. My bow skills are not what they should be and I know a shot I wont make. I let them pass when I couldn't get them closer.

Two more times the exact same thing happened. No closer than 40 yards. Thing is they didn't spook or see me in my makeshift pine tree blind because they continued to feed.

I decided to switch up location on the feild edge for a closer shot. They came out in the same spot three times in a row after all. This time no dice.

Shotgun season is now in and I have repeated the same process. 40 yards wouldn't be an issue with the shotgun however no such luck. Last night I went into the next feild over and called from a distance. I got birds to the feild but at 100 plus yards. Again I know a shot I wont make therefore no trigger was pulled.

I am camo head to toe no orange in sight. (I am the only hunter so no fear of friendly fire) I am using Dead down wind the same stuff I use for dear and bear. I have switched up my call and cadance. I have used a decoy.

Bottom line is I just can't seem to get em close enough to shoot.

Anyone have any words of wisdom for this weekend? I am open to most anything short of shooting the ones I see on my drive to work from the truck window.

Regards, Vermonter
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