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Kudos to you

I too am also blessed with a good income that enables me to buy pretty much what I want. However, growing up poor I'm also reasonably frugal.

I do not own any Les Baer or Nighthawk 1911s, I could buy them any time I want to. But I know that with computerized milling machines doing the work at all price level accuracy is not an issue for most guns. The single largest determinant of accuracy is the user. So on some thing spending more won't get you more.

There are some things were spending more will get you more. I do own a couple Swarovski Z6 5-30x50 scopes for my rifles. I have used middle market scopes (Leupold) and then decided to take a chance on a Swarovski only to be shocked by the improvement in clarity at the 300 yard plus range.

Bottom line is this: Any man making an honest living deserves respect regardless of his occupation or gun brand that he shoots, car that he drives, house address, etc...

The ones I detest are crooks (too often lawyers and politicians) that wear shirt and ties while systematically robing the people(taxpayers) of their hard earned money. Plenty of business people in that group too. My apologies for going off topic.
"Socialized Medicine is the Keystone to the Arch of the Socialist State.” -Vladimir Lenin
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