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-[the red dot] is always there whether it's "on" the target or not.
IMhO a very, very important point.

I've not shot enough with a laser to form a definite opinion on it. Many folk I know with a lot more self defense training than I have like them.

I use the red dot sights a lot and like them. I don't necessarily shoot 'better' with the red dot but it seems 'easier' to shoot about the same with them. And yes, 'old eyes' are starting to play a role in all my sight decisions. But I wouldn't put a red dot on a concealed carry handgun.

For CCW I always imagine the situation would be at very close range and probably happen quickly and sights might actually not be as important as I normally think they are. But when/if it ever happens the situation is going to be what it is and not what I imagine it will be. I'd better be able to roll with the situation and not try to make the situation conform to my preconceived idea of what it 'should' be.

I'm still not sure if I'd want a laser. It would give me an option but I might wind up screwing around with it when I should be concentrating on what's actually happening around me. I guess if I went with one I'd really, really need to practice enough with it so it becomes second nature to use it or not use it and not be frustrated if for some reason it didn't work. That is, I'd have to instantly, with no hesitation go to 'plan B' if the laser didn't come on or if I couldn't find the dot for reasons 45_auto mentioned.
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