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That's a real beauty you got there. After a 20+ year search for a good one at a decent price, I recently found this nice 1959 model 88 in .308. I got it from a widow for a really good price with beautiful wood but the best part is that it was unfired. She gave it to her hubby for Christmas that year and he put in the safe promising to "get it set up for elk hunting some day" but never got around to it. Factory installed recoil pad was an option back then.

I added a cobra sling, Redfield base, rings, and Revolution 3-9x40 scope for that period correct look but also acceding to my 65 year old eyesight. As you can tell, I'm not a good photographer so I really need a better picture of it to show it off better.

Mine too groups very well even though my astigmatism cases me to horizontally string a bit. This are my final sight in groups at 100 yds after I set it up initially at 50yds. The Revolution scope has a BDC that you zero at 200yds for aim points at 200, 300, 400, and 500yds, hence the 1.8" high group at 100yds.


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