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I hate those "drawings" for tags out west. Probably what has kept me from only hunting there (by Devil's Tower) once. Why don't they just make so many resident tags available and so many out-of-state tags available and when they're gone they're gone. First come first serve.
Because they sell out in 15 minutes state-wide.
If you have other obligations that prevent you from standing in line for 8+ hours to make sure you're at the front of the line... you don't get to hunt, ever. The situation just repeats itself; year, after year, after year....

We use various "lottery" systems because there isn't enough game to go around. In order to keep things as fair as possible, you have to give everyone a chance - not just the people that can camp out the night before, to ensure they get in the front of the line.

Having to apply for all the drawings is a major pain. Not knowing what, or if, you'll draw, is even worse. But, it means the odds of being able to hunt are much more fair for everyone.
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