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1903 new lease on life

hello all.
not long ago I related to you guys and gals that a friend of mine had a springfield in his possession that he was told was a sniper model and actually turned out to be a Bubba Special. well today he turned it over to me to try and give a little life back and I am up for the challenge. using a borrowed camera I was able to get some grainy and out of focus "before" shots for you.

it is hard to tell from the picture but this reciever has been drilled and tapped multiple times and the mount on it appears to be intended for a different rifle as it is much larger than the mount on my springfield.

note the cracked stock, near the rough and unfinished chop job. barrel was stripped and re blued at some point but now shows a lot of wear and light rust in spots.

front sight

upon removal of the front sight I was able to determine that the barrel is a 4-42 springfield barrel. as the serial dates to 1919 I am guessing that this is a civilian rebarrel as I can not imagine a post WWI rifle requiring a rebarrel so early in WWII. the front sight was JB welded on and hopefully will reblue quite nicely after it is cleaned up a bit.

I hope to have it cleaned up and ready to go back to it's owner within 48 hours so hopefully it will not cause me too much grief.

thanks for reading and please feel free to offer some constructive criticism.

EDIT, a little side note. this is very possibly a parts pile rifle as it has numerous remington parts on it such as ejector, bolt housing and mag disconnect switch.
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