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1) I'm glad you brought that 5MOA up, as I'm not familiar enough with these red dots to know about that. I noticed the your UTG DS3848(that lost zero) in the Amazon description had the MOA as 4.0 in under the "Features" and then again on down under The Product Description it is listed as 3.5MOA. Does your dot seem too large?

2) Here's one that I looked at today and later I remembered that it is the same one that Justice06RR had posted the link a little while back. It lists a 3M.O.A. under Product Description, and I'm guessing that is about the sise MOA that is needed? Do they come with any smaller MOA than 3? I wish it came with flip up lense covers, I guess you can buy them separate, that will fit? Maybe Justice will chime in here and tell what his experience has been with this RD scope?

3) EDIT I posted this a few seconds ago. The following is a quote from Justice from a while back also.
There are also Eotech's which are Holographic Red Dots. I highly recommend Eotech's for civilian use as it allows for true targat acquisition with both eyes open. With red dots you still have to close one eye sometimes.

I realize now that the only red dot I've looked thru before was a Holographic Red Dot. So, maybe that's really what I need, because I like the idea of shooting with both eyes open. But, now, can I find one that will fit my budget?

Thanks for all replies!

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