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Of what is on your list, I would stick with the Sig P229. I currently carry a P220 for duty. I would rather have the 229 for the smaller platform and a few extra rounds in .40. With that said, I would LOVE to carry a .357 revolver and would not feel outgunned unless facing multiple BGs. Even then, I would prefer making my way to the rifle in the trunk even if I carried a Glock with a 20 round magazine. Coincidentally, I would carry my revolver in an old school thigh slapper with a smile on my face if my agency would let me. Alas, for duty carry revolvers are all but a thing of the past. In my agency, plain clothes positions (admin, investigations, and narcotics) are allowed to carry a weapon other than their issue as long as it's approved by the firearms coordinator. The only revolver he would sign off on is a J-frame smith. While I'm okay with that, I would actually rather carry a full size 4" revolver. That's too "in your face" I guess.

BUT, I will carry what I'm told and not whine too much unless it's something I totally disagree with (like a S&W automatic... just not a fan).
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