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About 10 years ago I moved into this apt. About nine years ago someone left a Panasonic microwave by the dumpster. It looked clean so brought it in and put a cup of water in it foe a minute and viola! Hot! Last month it pooped out. Probably because I would forget about the tea that I heated and the evap got into the electronics. So I went to toss it in the dumpster and look at the back and it was made in March, 1979! Damn I felt proud and sad at the same time. I would not have shot that workhorse. But put a Sun Workstation on the berm and give me a BPS and I will happily go Office Space on it.
"America is a free country, and Michael Moore is free to make an @zzhole of himself". David Horowitz in "Michael Moore Hates America".
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