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Cheap AR advice.

The cheapest way to buy an AR, without building, is to buy a complete lower, $300, a complete upper $400 with a bolt carrier group. You can probably beat those prices.

Now, a $700 AR built like this is worth about $700. Don't let a salesman tell you it would be crap or some web freak tell you it will be super. If it breaks, it is on you to repair.

Get a 5.56 chamber. 223 Rem reamers have no place in basic AR's.

Name rifles have warranties.

Stag, Spikes, Delton, Model 1 Sales are all good brands. Spikes would be about the best and Model 1 the cheapest.

Ideally, you would get an EOTech, but you are asking cheap. A $50 red dot is usable. . .sort of.

Buying a $100 scope, $10 rings will leave you needing $50 risers. If you normally fancy $50 - $100 scopes, this should work here.

Using this advice, you would have a fine range gun. It would be yours as bottom rung AR's don't have much of a following. When they do, people like a brand name and to pay $900.
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