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So you equate legally transporting a firearm to carrying? Or setting up a company to carry a "loophole", even though they would have to be on duty to carry. Doesn't seem like much a loop hole, sounds like running a security business and carrying during the performance of your duties. If they're carrying otherwise, they're doing it illegally.

Just to be clear these are the exemptions for security guards etc.

(5) Persons licensed as private security contractors, private detectives, or private alarm contractors, or employed by an agency certified by the Department of Professional Regulation,if their duties include the
carrying of a weapon
under the provisions of the Private Detective, Private Alarm, and Private Security
Act of 1983, while actually engaged in the performance of the duties of their employment or commuting
between their homes and places of employment, provided that such commuting is accomplished within
one hour from departure from home or place of employment
, as the case may be.

(6) Any person regularly employed in a commercial or industrial operation as a security guard for the protection of persons employed and private property related to such commercial or industrial operation, while
actually engaged in the performance of his or her duty or traveling between sites or properties belonging
to the employer,
and who, as a security guard, is a member of a security force of at least 5 persons
registered with the Department of Professional Regulation;

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