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Recoil is stiff. Fun carbine to shoot with a decent amount of history.

Don't single load these by putting one in the chamber and closing the bolt. Extractors are hard to come by and these extractors were not made to go over the rim. Single loading will eventually break the extractor. The extractor tail plays a role in keeping the bolt rotated in the 'open' position. Once you have an extractor tuned to work properly you really don't want to mess with it. If you must single load these carbines, remove the bolt, install the round in the bolt face/extractor and reinstall the bolt and close. I haven't found that the enbloc clips are difficult to find. Somewhat expensive. Upwards of $5/ea but I can always find them at a gun show.

The carbine is really a reloaders cartridge. Ammunition can be found but it can be expensive.
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