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Which part condones illegal activity?

People in Chicago surely carry some use loopholes in the laws others openly break the law. Having lived in Chicago, owned a business in Chicago, my sister, aunts and many close cousins live in Chicago. One cousin is a Sgt. w/ Chicago PD. I'm in Chicago often it's a short 6 hour drive from my home in Detroit. 5hrs 38min from my driveway to her front door about 3blocks down lake shore dr from McCormick place.

I would say I have a good read on what happens in both places. I know more than a few realtors and insurance professionals that own and likely carry handguns and they know the law in Chicago.

As far as in my hometown, due to the nature of my work I do see lots of people that own guns that don't have carry permits, at least some of them do carry at least if you believe the news.

I have also been to New Orleans a lot, lived in Atlanta, and Jamaica (Queens). Jacksonville. Fla and DC for about 90 days each

I believe in the laws of the government which I live, personally I don't break them I got waaay too much to lose, I'd be lying to say I don't know people that do break them.

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