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If your definition of a CCW is a smaller sized 9mm you are absolutely correct that it will have more recoil and snap. The smaller the pistol, the more the recoil.

As to your criteria for a pistol, for the price point your looking at the first 2 pistols that come to my mind are either a Ruger P89 or a Rock Island 1911 Tactical. Both are 9mm and both are very good pistols in their own class. The best trigger you will find is in a 1911 style pistol, bar none. The Ruger
P89 has some take up before the trigger engages but after that the pull is nice and the recoil is as light as you will find. The Ruger is a double stack magazine so the handle is a little bit larger, the Rock Island is a single stack like most every 1911 so the grip will be smaller. I currently own a Rock Island just as described above, I owned a Ruger P89 for 20 years. The Ruger never failed to shoot anything I put thru it, my Rock Island has been just as dependable. The Ruger can only be found used as the P89 is no longer made, with that said, they are readily available and used ones in very good condition can be found for your price point or less. The Rock Island runs around $420, after shipping and FFL you are probably looking at an approximate total of $475. You may be able to find one used if you look hard. One last item, the Ruger P89 is both is a DA/SA. A 1911 is SA only. From what I understand both companies have very good customer service, fortunately I cannot comment on that from first hand experience. I hope that helps. Good Luck.
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