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Well that's something good to know about the durability. I wonder if it's like a 4 out of 10 thing on the toughness scale, or just don't bang it on a fence post kind of deal. Odds are this Winchester wouldn't get much use other than screwing around with shooting clay's or maybe Waterfowl now and then. Just seems like a nice looking gun for $100 or so less than them seem to go for is GSs or gunbroker.

I really don't care for Remington (or the price of them). For a working gun my go to guy is my Mossy oak camo 835 ulti-mag. And for anything special it's Beretta. It's kinda the coke/Pepsi chevy/ford thing for me.

Shotgun: Mossberg
Truck: Dodge or GMC
And yes.... Pepsi or RC

I just don't get excited over the usual faves like Remington, Colt, S&W (or Chevy). I'm sure to get flamed for this..but hey, it's America.

Thanks for the insight though, I'll have to research some more. Don't want to end up with and egg. Being careful is one thing, but I don't want to have something that needs wrapped in bubble wrap to take it into the field. Or something really finicky about the old mossberg autoloaders.

picture of the culprit by the way.

After he sent the pic I quickly became aware that it does NOT have walnut stocks. Looks like Birch, maybe?

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