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To back Franks original point, let me offer a scenario that I was involved in. My wife, children ( ranging from 4-7 years old), and I were walking down the sixteenth street mall in Denver. This is a outdoor mall, fairly upscale, in downtown Denver.
As we were walking in larger crowds In an urban setting, I was maintaining a little higher awareness than usual. I became aware that there were two people who seemed to be pacing us, on our side of the street. I decided I had a sudden interest in the window display in front of me and stopped us all right there, sure enough both of them stopped, glanced at each other, then at someone else across the street that I had noticed before as well.
Fairly typical looking teenagers, it would have been easy to miss them. At this point I KNEW from their anxiety and the general "I'm up to no good" look they all had that something was up here. At that point I moved the wife and children behind me up next to the wall, my annoyed wife asking me what exactly I was doing. I announced in a loud voice that was meant to carry" we are not moving anywhere until those three following us leave, that one there, that one there, and that one across the street!", pointing as I talked. The three looked at each other again, guilt unmistakable, and ran off in three different directions.
This was before cell phones and concealed carry laws became common, yet I don't know if I would act differently now. My actions forestalled a physical confrontation, headed it off at the pass so to speak. The best fight in my opinion being the one you don't have. Nowadays the temptation would be strong to continue to lead them and call LE hoping to catch and remove the predators knowing that I go into those situations armed. That would be the testosterone in me talking, and I am now old enough to use the proper label for it, moronic stupidity.
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