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My wife was in the Army Reserves when I met her in college. She certainly wasn't anti guns or anti hunting, but really didn't care about them. She would go shooting with me if I asked, and with handguns she would beat me every time but never seemed enthused by it. When she came back from a deployment to Kosovo I got her into shooting small game and later that year she decided she wanted to go deer hunting and would I please find her a rifle to do so with? Heck Yeah! Off to the gun show, came out with a Ruger 77 MKII and a used Redfield 3-9X scope. I worked up some mild 100 grain handloads that it really liked and was right next to her when she shot her very first deer!

I would say take her with you with the intent of lettng her have fun, meaning low recoil, low noise, not too long at a time. Have some reactive targets, I use a lot of what we call "hedge-apples" they explode fantastically and decompose quickly, plastic bottles of water are good too, just have to pick up the empties. Clay targets hanging on nails or even GI Joe type figurines at short range are a lot of fun. If she likes the shooting take her anytime she wants to, if she expresses a desire to hunt take her. I have since lost my only decent stand to her hunting but have never regretted it.
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