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Bart B,

I want to clearly state I have no doubt the Sierra Palma will deliver world class accuracy and I think very highly of Sierra bullets.IMO,there was nothing wrong with the Palma bullet.Its just ,in my application,it did not get what it needed to perform.The problem was the application,not the bullet.

You may have a different experience,butIMO for some reason,maybe the shorter cylindrical portion of the bullet body,High bc generally translates to longer ogive and boat CAN be more finikky to get them to shoot.Sometimes a less VLD shape is more forgiving in something like an AR factory rifle.

On the velocity loss to the gas port,I have had a chrono for several years and general observation,I have noticed my bolt guns deliver close to load book velocities and my gas guns come up 50 to 100 fps short.

No big deal,I do not want to play whiz contest,we can disagree with a smile.
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