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Air Assualt School at Fort Campbell, Kentucky ... followed by a posting to the 101st Airborne Division. I'm an 11C with 11B as a secondary MOS ... in other words, a "mortar maggot." I was seriously thinking of going 13R and artillery just like LASur5er, but this will do I guess.

Thanks for the advice, everyone. And don't worry about the Article 15 - I got a summarized Article 15. No loss in rank, no pay deduction, extra duty for 7 days, no restrictions. The cadre know me as a quiet soul and cut me a massive break. They put the guy who was harrassing me in a hurt locker after I sent him to the hospital. I mean he HAD to be a real dirtbag for me to strike him down, is the general consensus. He's shaped up now, and most of the racists in the training company have eased off.

Thank you for the words of encouragement. I am not a PT stud, nor the greatest shot with a rifle, to be honest. I have quite a ways to go. I came in with just devotion and sincerity. It's paid off in undeniable ways. If I didn't have certain friends with me through this stage of my life, I'd have hurt forever and been scarred by BCT and AIT. It's not what I heard it would be. The Army's gone downhill - or is it the youth this society produces?

Anyways, my pass ends in 40 minutes ... everyone please take care. LASur5er, if you can leave me a snail mail address at [email protected] I'll write, ok? Please take care everyone ... "Airborne"
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