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For those of you with partners that enjoy shooting.

This may be too personal of a question for some, but I was wondering how some of you met your significant other. Was it at a gun show, through friends, just happened to be there at the right time at the right range.

I sadly can count only one hand the amount of women that I know of that are interested with recreational shooting and target practice. Most women I meet tend to be intimidated by firearms in general (I blame the media and general lack of knowledge on the subject matter for this)

Many that I meed flat out think that fire arms should be banned or extremely regulated (Which again I feel is attributed to lack of knowledge)

There are those few gems that I do find, but the shooters world certainly appears to be a male dominated sport.

If your partner didn't start off with an interest in firearms, how did you introduce them to it to them, was it just a casual trip to the range with some friends or did she suggest it?

No particular reason for asking, just curious I look forward to hearing what some of you say.
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