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Last week, I took the time to fully detail strip the frame and give everything a good cleaning and lubrication. I was a little apprehensive about stripping due to the Series 80 parts, but I shouldn't have been. It really wasn't difficult at all.

While I had her apart, I used the opportunity to lightly polish the trigger bow and remove a few burrs from the trigger track, which was surprisingly rough, considering the excellent finish of the rest of the frame. I also broke (very slightly) the razor edges of the aluminum trigger pad. I know my limits, though, and I made absolutely no alterations to the disconnector/sear/hammer engagements.

I also used the opportunity to stone the very rough "inside" face of both sides of the ambi safety (not the engagement surfaces!); I smoothed out the areas that were making marks on outside of the frame. Using 1200-grit sandpaper and a polishing cloth, I was able to completely remove the scratches from the frame (but not the matte-finished plunger tube). The end result on the frame looks impeccable - as if the scratches were never there.

The end results were fantastic - the thumb safety now works perfectly, with a satisfying "click" into both the fire and safe positions. The trigger is now breaking at a consistent 5lb, 2oz. Not very light, but I can live with this, since it's consistent. Maybe I've get a trigger job down the road - maybe not.

But right now I can say I'm VERY happy with my new Colt!
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