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Winchester was making a Stainless Laminated M70 called the Alaskan pretty sweet rifle and in the 06, but I was eying one in .375 H&H a while ago. Alas out of my price range for what I was willing to spend on it. Winchester used to do a Classic FWT in SS pretty nice looking rifles and if I could find one that wasn't outrageously priced in .270 I'd have one.

If I really wanted a SS and wood stock the easiest thing to do is just buy the rifle you want in SS regardless of the stock. There are several factory take off stocks as well as wood stock suppliers that offer basically drop in stocks for rifles like the M70, M700, and M10/110. I wouldn't rely on current production to come up with the rifle I wanted. I'd just buy a used SS rifle or new production Ultimate Shadow M70 Winchester, SS SPS M700 Remington, M77 Hawkeye AW Ruger or a Weather Warrior M11/111 Savage, order up a Boyd's laminate or walnut stock in either a classic or prairie hunter and be done for around $100 more.
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