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Have you fired both? If you can, do that first. Everyone will have their own opinion, and brand loyalists will tell you one is better than the other. The honest truth is, you can't really go wrong with either brand. I carry a Glock 19. My father-in-law carries a Sig 229 .40 (but has a G26 backup). He's completely happy with his choice, I'm completely happy with my choice. If price is a factor, the 229 is going to cost you a couple hundred more than a Glock. That's practice ammo money, and you have to decide if the 229 is that much better to justify it. If price isn't a factor, both guns are open game.

Again, if you can, try firing both. Only after that will you be able to decide. When I was picking out my carry gun, without firing, I was deadset on the 229, honestly. After firing 100 rounds out of both, I just couldn't get used to the 229 trigger, and that sold me on the G19. Sorry I couldn't give you a definitive answer, but it really comes down to what you're comfortable with.
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