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Maybe. The two are not always interchangeable. The .45 Colt cartridge rim has a
slightly smaller diameter (0.512") than the .410 shotshell (0.524"). The mouth of the .45 is larger as is the head of the case (0.480" vs 0.469", though it tapers to 0.463"). The .45 may not chamber in a .410. (if a gun is properly throated, you can shoot .410s in a gun chambered for the .45 but not always the reverse. Remember, also, that a .45 bullet has a diameter of .452"; birdshot, of course, will compress. A .410 shotgun has a bore of .410") If the .45 does chamber, and you can close the action, it will fire....probably. But why? Best to use the ammo for which the gun was designed. Buy some .410s.
Yeah....I know.....not for indoor shooting. Maybe the .45s will work. Perhaps .22 shotshells are worth considering......?
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